Easy Chicken Balls

I just made up a fast easy dish of chicken balls.
If you dont want to order chinese you can make your own.

Here's what you need:
2-3 regular size chicken breast
Instant pancake mix(you only need to mix with water)
about 3 -4 cups of oil
Cherry dipping sauce or pinnaple sauce is good too
just some salt and pepper or any spice tht makes you happy :)

First cut up the chicken breast in small sized pieces or cubes ..
dont stress if the cubes are different sized.. just about anything works!

Preheat pan on stove top on medium...
add Chicken cubes....sprinkle your spices to your liing ...mix
Let sit and cook on medium,,stiring occasionaly.
Should be cooked throughout in about 15-20 minutes

Now get a nice size bowl.....
pour some pancake mix into bowl,and add some water and mix until nice and sticky.
you can read the box.or just pour some in and dont will turn out fine.
If you put to much water...just add some more pancake mix to make it more solid.

Now i use a Wok...but you can also use a big pot. either works..just be safe.
Take what you got...and pour your 3-4 cups of oil (you can use more or less even)
Place on stove top and turn up to Med-High heat

While your oil is heating up..time for some multi tasking!
Take your chicken cubes that re cooed by now and dump half or so in you pancake batter.
get a Big spoon stir it around,make sure the mix covers all the chicken.

One spoonful at a time take your pieces of battered chicken and drop them into the oil.
you can fit many pieces at once in your wok/Pot.

Get a plate and put some paper towel on it..then remove pieces when the batter looks a bit doesnt take more then 3-4 minutes from when you place them in the oil.

The paper towel is big,,it really helps remove excess oil.

Pour red/pinnaple sauce all over,serve with rice or nothing at all.


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