ghetto caserole recipe

a personal favorite that is super cheap and simple to make.

stuff you need: 1-2 box's Kraft dinner (oh yeah!)
milk -less then 1 cup
butter or margerine
1 can of Tuna fish (u could add more)
gratted Cheese (optional)

to start.. make the kraft dinner like u normally would.
when the kraft dinner is done, strain water out.
add some butter and the cheese mix as u normally would, stir.
Open the tuna and mix it in with the craft dinner.
Break some crakers up in your hands and let them drop in the mix.
Pour mix into oven dish.
Pre heat oven 350 degrees
*optional* (if u want to add another layer of crushed crakers to the top-go ahead)
finish with some grated cheese going on the top layer.
put into the oven for 20-30minutes.
Simple. Enjoy.


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