lemon Brulee

Here' a recipe for nice dessert,after a great meal.....or anytime for that matter.

ok heres whats ingredients you need:
16 oz cream..baking cream..
80z of Lemon curd -(you can find some in the jams section of grocery store)
5 teaspoons of icing sugar or powdered sugar

First... Use a large bowl,stir with electric mixer until it starts to hold its own shape.Then mix in Lemon curd.

then mix into six 3/12 inch remekins.(small ceramic dish)smooth the tops of them with a spoon
and put them in the fridge for atleast 2hrs,but i suggest you leave them overnight.

Pre-heat oven to broil....pour a thin layer of the icing sugar over each dish..broil for about 2-3 minutes.
Or if you got a can carefully use it to carmelize the sugar/icing. then serve immediatly.
Enjoy this great dessert

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