Nanny's Stew with dumplings

Just got off the phone with my grandmother and was aking about her old stew recipe.
Truthfully i dont know much about stews but felt like trying to make one.

Its fairly simple.
heres the stuff you need.

1 lbs of stewing beef
3-4 carrots
4-5 potatoes
1/2 turnip
whole onion(optional)
1 teaspoon salt.

To Start:
Brown the beef before anything else.dont fully cook.

chop up the carrots into average size pieces

cut the potatoes into squares,not too small though.

cut turnip into pieces aswel, not too small though.

i personly dont really like onions,but i would be lying if
i told you it doesnt add great flavour. So i use a whole onion and cut it into 4 pieces,just to add and leave it in for flavour.(you can always then remove it when the stew is done)

cut up the cabbage and add some if u choose.

Use a nice size pot. Cook on medium.
add the brown beef.
add carrots and turnips first.
then add some water.
those take longer to cook the potatoes.
your mix should be in, your pot should be atleast half full of water.
cook for like 15 minutes. stir.
now add chopped up potatoes, onion,and cabbage.
add teaspoon of salt. stir. keep cooking the mix on medium for 1 hr.
u should start seeing the stew becoming a STEW! just keep stiring and checking.
I personaly let it cook for like 2 hrs..slow cooking just brings out more flavour.
Enjoy!! very healthy,and hearty meal.

Dumplings for stew (optional)
i have to say..ITS ALL ABOUT the DUMPLINGS!
maybe its just me but i love them with the stew..Irish style.

what you need:

1 cup flour
2 tespoons baking powder
3 teasoons of shorting or lard
1 teasoon of parsley(optional)
1/2 salt.
MIX the above all together....
now add 1/2 cup milk.
its will be a really sticky mix you should now have,use a spoon and just scoop up a bit and drop it in the stew that is finishing up. cover stew and let cook for 5minutes,the dumpling will take form on there own in the stew.


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